Bosch Condensing

No doubt, as a Perth homeowner, you’ve heard of Bosch and when it comes to hot water systems, Bosch are at the top of their game. Providing homes in Australia with quality hot water for over 60 years, Bosch offers both the highest value products, with quality to match, and the Bosch Condensing series is no different.

Compact and efficient

The Bosch Condensing series features the C21 and C26, both offering 21L/min and 26L/min respectively. The units are also compact and light, at 17kg (C21) and 18kg (C26). Their compactivity means that they are perfect for single-person dwellings, but can only be installed outside.

Although the units are meant for the outdoors, and thanks to their small size they’ll take up very little property space, leaving your backyard free for other things. As well as offering continuous flow and up to four temperature controllers, they run on either Natural or LPG. Both the C21 and C26 have high energy efficiency ratings, achieving a 6.9 Star rating for the C21 and 6.7 Star rating for the C26, guaranteed to save you money well into the future.

Call the professionals

They run off internal power supplies, with the C21 consuming just 40.6W of power as standard, and the C26 at 46.8W. All of Bosch C21 and C26 systems require 20mm connecting pipes for the gas inlets and cold and hot water, which is something the team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water and Electrical can help with.

If you want to find out more about the Bosch Condensing system, the team at Pascoe’s provide products, along with full installation and repair services. Give the experienced team in Perth a call today on 13000 PASCOES or book online to receive 10% off your priceReceive a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

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Compare Bosch OptiFlow Hot Water & Heating Models

Flow rate21L/minute
Energy rating6.9 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelNatural or LPG gas

Flow rate26L/minute
Energy rating6.7 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelNatural or LPG gas