Dux Airoheat

The Dux Airoheat is the most awarded heat-pump water heater in Australia and is the most environmentally friendly hot water solution where solar collectors are not an option. It is suitable for households of 3–5 people and is eligible for rebates and 26 Small-scale Technology Certificates in Perth and surrounding areas.

Using air-sourced heat-pump technology that works like a refrigerator in reverse, the Airoheat adsorbs heat from the surrounding air and pumps it through the tank via an evaporator coil, heating water to 60°C. The fully insulated steel water storage tank, and patented in-tank heating coil and refrigeration system, directly transfers heat to your water, minimising heat loss. Consequently, the Dux Airoheat has a power consumption of only 1.2 kilowatts.

With a single piece design that is 1711 mm high, 632 mm wide, and weighs 107 kg, the Airoheat has a tank capacity of 250 litres and can provide hot water at the full mains pressure of 800 kilopascals.

Dux’s Hotlogic control system regulates the Airoheat and its de-icing function allows it to run efficiently even in cold climates.

The Airoheat also features a low, 51 decibel running noise, a composite condensation tray and drain for rapid drainage, dual water connections for easy installation, and a Pressure and temperature relief valve rated for water pressures up to 1000 kilopascals.

The Dux Airoheat comes with a 5-year warranty on the tank, including a 2-year warranty on refrigerant components and one year of free parts and labour.

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Warranty5 Year
FuelElectric boosted