Dux Prodigy 5 Star

Take your energy saving to the next level with a 5 Star Dux Prodigy gas hot water system. The successor to the popular 4 Star model, the 5 Star comes with a new flue-damper system, ensuring you’ll have access to hot water as needed.

The right temperature, every time

It has a new temperature-activated sensor system, which activates once the water in the tank gets cool enough to require heating; and the sensor opens the flue-damper, while at the same time, igniting a burner to heat the water in the tank.

If that sounds complex, that’s why our team at Pacoes’s Gas, Water & Electrical are on hand to assist. They are your nearby specialists and are available to supply, install and repair your new Dux Prodigy hot water heater.

The 5 Star system comes with the 10 year warranty of the tank and flue, and 1 year warranty of parts and labour, which means your system is built with longevity and assurance in mind.

Ideal for large homes

Available in 135L and 170L, Dux Prodigy 5 Star models run off either LPG or natural gas — with low consumption rates. Coupled with high relief valve pressures across the model range, you’ve got a lightweight and efficient hot water heating solution that is suitable to homes with the 135L suitable for 4 to 6 people; while the 170L is ideal for larger households with more than 1 bathroom and up to 7 people (or more).

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Compare Dux Prodigy 5 Star Models

Nominal Capacity135L
Energy rating5.3 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelPropane or Natural gas

Nominal Capacity170L
Energy rating5.3 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelPropane or Natural gas