Install Drain

Incorrect drainage causes damage

If your home has any kind of excess water problem there could be some underlying issues that need to be fixed and one of the most common reasons for excess water problems is incorrect drainage, or no drainage at all. Incorrect drainage can cause a number of other problems and more importantly it can cause some seriously expensive damage if it isn’t controlled and repaired quickly.

When you are renovating or building, you need to make sure the positioning of your drains are right. Floor drains in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are very important to combatting unpredictable water leaks, and your plumber will be able to give the best advice on drain installation points.

If leaked water pools near any of your electrical outlets or lighting there is an immediate danger of electrocution and you should call an emergency plumber immediately. Pooling water can cause damage to carpets, flooring and furniture, as well structural damage, so it is very important to have drains professionally installed.

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