Home Security

As a homeowner it is important to know that your valuables and family are safe, and having a practical system in your home for security purposes is very important. One of the most common renovations in Perth to offer better security for homes is high fences to make yard access more difficult for intruders, as well as offering privacy while your family is inside. Although it does make your home more secure and more private, it also makes access difficult for the people you actually want to be able to enter, like family and friends, or if you run a home business, your clients.

Installing an Intercom System

One of the best ways to create a secure yet accessible entrance to your property is through installation of an intercom system, which can be linked to your phone and data network, depending on the system. The latest intercom systems offer great convenience and allow you to be able to speak to anyone who is at the door.

Some systems offer other features like push button controls of your doors and gates, so you can let people in without having to go outside. Intercom systems installed in strategic zones or entry points of your property makes it possible to screen anyone who wishes to enter your property. One other great feature of intercoms is that they don’t just have to be from front entry to the main living area, they can also be used between rooms to contact family members whenever you need them.

Your Local Professionals are Nearby

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can offer a free quote to supply and install a range of basic or advanced intercom systems to suit your home’s needs. From basic standalone systems to innovative integrated computer and data network based systems, Pascoe’s can set out a customised intercom plan that will suit the security requirements of your home.

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