Rheem Pronto

Rheem’s Pronto 12L and 16L are among the smallest of the brand’s hot water heaters. Both the 12L and 16L are operable using either natural gas or LPG and if you’re not sure which is best for you, the team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are on hand to provide you with the right advice, supply of systems, installation and repairs.

Due to their small size, Prono hot water heaters are best-suited for 1 to 2 person dwellings and can be installed either externally or internally.

No electricity required

In a bid to save you energy and money, Rheem’s Pronto requires no electricity to operate and has a hydroelectric generator built into the system which ignites the gas as soon as you turn on the hot water. This non-reliance on electricity and instantaneous delivery of hot water has led to Rheem’s Pronto model earning a 6 Star energy efficiency rating.

All types of weather

Other features which set Rheem’s Pronto model apart is the electronic temperature control feature which regulates both water flow and temperature using internal sensors. The unit can also be easily adjusted as the seasons change with the pull of a simple lever from its “Summer” setting to a “Winter” setting. This increases the rate of flow and ensures you have access to hot water no matter what the temperature is outside.

Safety features include an electronic overheat protection, which shuts down the unit automatically in the event that it overheats; and it has a maximum temperature of 60°C which means there’s less chance of burns for children or sensitive skin.

If anything goes wrong, give the plumbers at Pascoe’s a call. This is covered by Rheem’s 10 year warranty on their heat exchangers and 3 year warranty on all other components.

For a new system, advice, installation or repairs, call Pascoe’s in Perth today. They’re nearby and ready to take your call. 13000 PASCOES. Or book online and receive 10% off.

Compare Rheem Stellar Models

Flow rate12L/minute
Energy rating6 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelNatural or LPG gas

Flow rate16L/minute
Energy rating5.9 stars
Warranty10 Year
FuelNatural or LPG gas