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Throughout your Perth home, you no doubt have a large number of sinks or taps that, over time, can become worn, start to rust or begin to leak. And when it comes to the leaks themselves, if they are not repaired in the short-term, they can end up being very costly in the long-run.

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One reason you might need to repair your taps is because a slow continuous drip and the most common cause for this type of leak is faulty washers within the taps. On the other hand, if your taps or faucets leak at specific times of the day, it could mean that your water pressure is too high, and will require a plumber to adjust it to stop the leaks from occurring. Too much water pressure can also obstruct water flow from a particular tap, and force it to back up and leak from a different area of your home.

You could also simply have wear and tear over time, so you might want to replace your taps to add value to the home, or simply brighten up the bathroom.

repair sinks

There are many reasons you might need to repair or replace a sink in your home, including wear and tear, cracks, chips or it may have become loose in its casing.

If your bathroom, laundry or kitchen is beginning to age, or you are having issues with your plumbing, it might pay to have a professional from Pascoe’s Gas, Water and Electrical visit your home and offer advice, and a free quote on repairs of your sinks.

Pascoe’s have over 50 years’ experience in the local industry, and our plumbers can repair, replace and retrofit taps and sinks. In Western Australia, you need to ensure anyone carrying out repairs or installations of plumbing appliances in your home must be qualified, and Pascoe’s have a number of plumbers nearby in every suburb of Perth.

Pascoe’s plumbers also have same day service, no callout fees and no hourly rates for our work. Call us today for a free quote, or if you book online, you will receive 10% off your total bill price.

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